Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Grout... oh how I hate you!!

Unfortunately I can't live without grout, being that I have it three rooms already and we are adding it in one more. When we bought the house the grout was already dirty and with the pup and us the grout got dirtier. So Ebs and I sought out Lowe's ( our favorite weekend hang out) for some acidic grout cleaner! We left with cleaner, sealer and a brush. So check out the before and after pictures!All the supplies I needed shown above, including a solo club and rubber glove. Two buckets one for keeping the grout wet and the other for cleaning up the dirt after use pour on the cleaner. It got dirty! But it was well worth it!Shows the clean and dirty grout...

This one above is a great one of the dirty grout and the newly cleaned grout!
Ahhhhhhhh, all clean! It's amazing how well it worked once it dried and I had re-mopped the floor. And a close up of the pretty white grout!

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