Monday, January 25, 2010

Massive Mudroom Makeover

YAAY!!!! The blue walls are gone, the checkered tiles are in the trash, and the mud, the dirt is gone!!!
Let's just start with our little helper, who had to be blocked out of the room and was not happy!!! Oh and the clutter... isn't that nice...
So, to make this post more fun, lets start with the best before and after shots!!! Even though it's not technically the complete shot. The grout is still wet as we speak....

(Sorry for the overexposed shot!)
Now, for the detailed in between shots!! As you can see we went from a deep blue to a grey purple color. We used the same "London Coach" paint that we used in the kitchen, and painted the other two walls white!! The two white walls were painted on brick so that took three coats all by themselves!! We started the painting on Friday night and finished Saturday morning. The purple only took two coats and we didn't need primer.

A few good shots of the black and white checkered stick on tiles. We pulled those up pretty quickly with our hands and a lil pick tool.

After we ripped up the old floor we started prepping for the new tile. We borrowed a friends saw for cutting the tile, and of course we had a few moments of trying to make it work. And a little bickering to make it fun!Close up of the clean white brick and the gross old cement floor! We ripped up the floor all the way into the laundry room! Yay for no more gross dirty floor!How gross is this floor... ugh!!!

And then came the lying of the tile, measure twice and cut once. This was a bit of a trouble spot since we weren't exactly sure where to start, at the door, a lil after the base board. Yes, we left the base boards on but that was because the floor was uneven and some of the baseboards didn't even touch the floor. But back to laying tile, we wanted to start in the center of the door and a little bit away from the door as to leave room for grout. We actually did that way all around the room. So some of the grout is thick by the walls.... oh well!
Once we had the first three rows measured and cut we laid thin set and used the spacers and tiled away. Well actually we made it about half way down the room and had to quit Saturday evening. And then on Sunday Bubs finished the room without me. After 24 hours of thin set drying we started grouting. The grouting wasn't too bad, even though I was the one with the sponge and he was the one actually doing the man labor. We had a process, he started grouting and i came in behind him with the wet sponge to collect the excess grout. I had to keep reminding him that I had midget arms and could not reach as far as him!! Bubs cute butt, grouting his way out of the room.
And now three days later the grout is still not completely dry but it's getting there. And the white is coming through! Yay! I was slightly worried that the brown was going to stay there! I also sponged the floor down on Tuesday to get rid of some more excess grout. As you can see it's still there though! Once the floors are completely dry I will mop and then start to put the furniture back!!! And sorry for the overexposed picture!

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