Sunday, December 13, 2009

Home Made Wreath

I took a ton of pictures of the process... but they were deleted. Being that my camera is broken I use bubs, and last night there was some drinking, priceless shots and a full memory. So, I just took one of the finished product! Nella is on the rampage to get out so I had to stand outside with the door shut to get this picture. And its raining, and cold... so your only getting this one pic. And yes I am complaining a lot, ok I'll stop. Soooo, drum roll please... the wreath!
I bought a green wire wreath builder thing, and some cute white glittery accessories. Saved the bottom row of branches from our X-mas tree and created a wreath. There was only one size for the wreath wire so I didn't have to use many branches at all. Nor did I use all of the white accessories, but this means I can make a bigger one next year! Yes! (more complaining, I can't turn this picture right side up!!!)

Wine Bottles... Again

Apparently I drink a lot of wine, but I'm back again with another crafty wine bottle project! I will be doing more wine bottles to add a collection on my mantle but for now here are two I finished! I saw these in West Elm, (my favorite store) and decided I could make them for way less. The collection is by David Stark and specific for the store. These could also be made in colors... add a little dye to the twine. Anyway, can you see the bottles sitting on the right side of the mantle? The X-mas tree is super cute too, I'm sure that one is harder to do, but think about the possibilities for objects!!!So, they were made with some twine in two different colors, wine bottles, scissors, and hot glue. The first one I did by myself and the second I had the man toys help, he spun and I held the twine and glue. It was so simple and I love the outcome! The first guy was easy, and with Bubs design help it was complete within 20 minutes. It was his idea to stop before the neck to give it a different look. It's growing on me!
This guy was a bit trickier since the neck had such a steep slope. We had to stop and start from the top so the twine stayed together. And we had to use a ton more hot glue. And of course I burnt my fingers.. ugh!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December, the best month of the Year!

I love the month of December, for X-mas and my B-day!!! Gifts, gifts and gifts! haha! No for the lights, food and time off! Everything is wonderful around the holidays, and there are rumors of snow soon! yay! So here are some pics of my holiday decorations! We got the tree on Sunday and the rest of the decorations have been going up ever since!

December also means going home to see family and friends. We just went to Delaware for Turkey day and made a trip to the beach with the pup. We have been doing this for over a year now, in both seasons but winter is probably my favorite. The wind is brisk and the water freezing. But Autumn puts her feet in and we still walk the whole beach! As always I carry WaWa coffee with me!! If only they had WaWa's in the south!!!