Tuesday, March 24, 2009

a lil inspiration

I found this pic and just fell in love. I have a feeling the dog caught my eye but I love the frame arrangement and again the dog on the table. Just fantastic!
So here is a sneak peak of our living room. Bubs and I are both huge picture guru's so obviously we have a ton displayed. This doesn't even show the whole wall, or the other room!

Fabric and Tables

Just a quick post of fabric selections and table painting! The black and white fabric is for the dining room and the floral is for the kitchen! Now all I have to do is sew... Good thing the floral is only for two bar stools. Pics to follow!

New Out Door patio table with the free slab of granite from Lowes! Got to love being the first to buy countertops at the new Lowes. I picked these flowers from down the street. They have lasted for days!
Painted Table. I came home from work on Friday and the table was completed! Thanks Bubs!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sucked into the IKEA WORLD

IKEA pub table with bar stools. These are only the beginning shots of both pieces, completed pics...when completed. Also notice the paint color of the kitchen, London Coach!
Things to be completed: Paint pub table a black satin finish to match chair legs.
Make slip covers for the two bar stools. The fabric is a pink and LIME GREEN floral print by Alexander Henry (similar to Amy Butler) I ordered it with the black and white fabric. We shall see how I do sewing...

The two pillows are for the hammock from Home Depot. I have been eyeing them forever! They are indoor outdoor, so I plan to keep them safe inside until the weather perks up!Close up of the chair... waiting for the new slip covers!

The next IKEA find, a piece of cabinetry for the gaping hole between the fridge and stove. (Used to be the wine cooler, which now lives in the mud room.)
After dragging Matt and Bubba around the store for about 2 hours, not to mention 2 trips we got all the pieces together, and assembled it! The butcher block top is being stained daily and takes about 2 weeks until it is usable! We also have double the amount of extra butcher block with 4 takers for cutting boards! I also got a huge butcher block cutting board for myself!
Waiting on new hardware to match the rest of the kitchen. And we put it on wheels so it can travel to the sink or wherever for meal prepping!


Absolutely LOVE this rug... so excited that I can't even put it into words! Ahhh! Yes, it may be a bit much, or extreme, but as you can see by my taste in paint colors it works! We had been planning to get a chaise lounge for this room anyway and now white will be perfect. A few colorful pillows and done! We will eventually add a floor lamp and maybe a TV for a lil den reading room! Then one day the "nook" will have a purpose!

I already can't keep the pets off this guy! How does it look with the wall color? I'm pretty pleased!

Dining Room Updates, more LIME GREEN

So it has taken me forever to finish the dining room, even though it may be my favorite room in the house! I finally decided against a rug, but am sticking with the upholstered chairs. I bought a black & white print fabric for the chairs. I can't get the pic so you will have to wait for the real thing! Still the curtains are stumping me, any suggestions?
The turtle was a random find that Bubba had to have. But you know what, I love it!
New table scape with the pretty fake apples! The green dish is actually the bottom of a terracotta pot painted and baked from Pottery Barn. They use them as chargers and I love it! Too bad my table isn't big enough for four!

The stickers have been on the wall for a while now, even though most disapprove! Oh well I think they are so cool, and so what if they are shiny! Who doesn't love a shiny object?

Lastly, I took all the stuff off the hutch so it could be displayed. I will be adding more glass to the top level in various shades of green and white. The two vases and pot will soon hold aloe and some twigs from the blooming trees!

Hope you enjoyed the room, and please give me your opinions!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


It was a winter wonderland for the first time ever on Bubba's Bday. The snow was dumping on us all night and resulted in a snow day for Bub's and a half snow day for me! Sweet snow in March, in the SOUTH!!! Basically I am going to let the pictures tell the story!

Autumn giving me a huge kiss... and not posing for a pic with Bubs.

Autumn loved the snow as you can see in the pics of her playing for hours. I tried bringing Nella outside but she was not having it!

Oh, and a tree fell down in the backyard! We hoisted the sucker back up and tied it to the fence. And it's still standing... for now!
My lovely house in the snow... care to sit in the hammock?

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Today is Bubs bday and it is pouring down rain! Which means no paint balling, sad face. We had 22 people braced and ready for a 3 hour romp of outdoor war. This adventure had been planned for weeks and Bubs is super bummed. So instead we are inside for the day watching movies and maybe hitting up Ikea! Either way, happy bday love! And don't worry the cake will be yummy!