Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dining Room Updates, more LIME GREEN

So it has taken me forever to finish the dining room, even though it may be my favorite room in the house! I finally decided against a rug, but am sticking with the upholstered chairs. I bought a black & white print fabric for the chairs. I can't get the pic so you will have to wait for the real thing! Still the curtains are stumping me, any suggestions?
The turtle was a random find that Bubba had to have. But you know what, I love it!
New table scape with the pretty fake apples! The green dish is actually the bottom of a terracotta pot painted and baked from Pottery Barn. They use them as chargers and I love it! Too bad my table isn't big enough for four!

The stickers have been on the wall for a while now, even though most disapprove! Oh well I think they are so cool, and so what if they are shiny! Who doesn't love a shiny object?

Lastly, I took all the stuff off the hutch so it could be displayed. I will be adding more glass to the top level in various shades of green and white. The two vases and pot will soon hold aloe and some twigs from the blooming trees!

Hope you enjoyed the room, and please give me your opinions!

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