Thursday, February 4, 2010

Following Mere's Lead

A blog I enjoy to follow, which is written by one of my greatest friends from college, had a fun game up today, so I decided to play along. It's great having friends with blogs that live far away. It's not perfect for catching up, but it's something!

I am playing "Mere's" game. I was reflecting on my life tonight- where I am, where I'd like to be, where I hope I will be in 5, 10 years, etc. So, I decided to play a game with my faint, few blog readers. I will list a time and then use some words/phrases to describe it, however many come to mind at the time. Let's play!

What I think of the Past
-- I think of my immaturity, and how I have grown since. Of the mistakes I have made, but how I regret nothing.
-- I think of Virginia Tech, some of the best days of my life were spent there!
-- dance and HighTechs... I wish I was still dancing

What I'm experiencing in the Present
-- wedding plans... wedding plans...
-- the joy of getting married to my best friend in the whole world
-- a new name
-- a wonderful future to dream about
-- going to the gym, dieting.... neither very fun

What I'm anticipating/hopeful for in the Future
-- Health, that's all I ever want in a new year for friends and family
-- kids before I am 30
-- continued success in our jobs, enough to live the life we enjoy
-- trips, and traveling to different countries and throughout the US to see friends and family

Won't you play with me?
(i.e. do a similar post on your blog so I can read your little life reflections!)