Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Paint + Storm Door

So we finally started back into the DIY world now that the wedding is over! I love having my weekends back, not that I didn't love my wedding, but that was super time consuming!

A before picture of the front of our house. Looks just like the one my cousin painted for us as a wedding present. Kelly lives in Italy and paints daily where ever she may be, Florida, London, Spain, North Carolina, Virginia and it continues. My wedding gift from Bubba was a portrait of our house that we love so much. When you go to that link scroll down to see our house, and if you have time feel free to look around at her work!

An inside picture of the new storm door and the old front door!

Now the good stuff! Painting the front door peach! The results are awesome! It's such a change and it really adds something to our house! First coat picture, kinda grainy.

Close up of the pretty paint color. And two finished pictures with the storm door and the new color! You like?