Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Birthday Bike Slash Beach Cruiser Completed!

This year on my birthday I didn't get a bow or to rip wrapping paper, instead I got the "close your eyes" and "stay put" surprise. And we all know I love surprises! During the gift giving I was called outside, while keeping my eyes closed and humming, for the big unveiling. Finally Bubba said "Happy Birthday, Open your eyes"! And starring back at me was a blue (mind you its dark out) antique bike, with flat tires and rust. Haha! I LOVED IT! All the VB (virginia beach) kids have been raving about these so called "beach cruisers" forever! Now I finally have one of my own, and Bubba can go in public with me!! Apparently my Delaware "bike" wasn't cutting it!
Did I mention this was a birthday project that Bubba and I were going to take on ourselves!
So, we (Bubba) sanded off the blue paint, red paint and silver down to the metal frame. He had already taken off the wheels, petals and chain. Once sanded it was time for the primer and paint! A quick coat of white primer and then (my new obsession) LIME GREEN PAINT!!!

One spoke is original and one is from the 80's, either way they both were painted white!

After a trip to WalMart purchasing two new tires, two petals, one seat, one bell, and a super cute basket, Wallah! My brand new antique Beach Cruiser!!!

In this picture you can see Bubba's blue Cruiser and my unacceptable hot pink mountain bike!
Close up of the basket, it comes with a strap, soooo cool!

Thanks Love! I absolutely love my birthday gift!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh Crap I just bought a CAR

After months of contemplating buying a new car or just sticking with lil red till she dies, I went shopping. Lil Red has been with me since high school, 9 years to be exact and she rocks. She treated me well, only a few cosmetic incidents through the years and 104,765 miles. Yah, it was about time to get a new means of transportation. So I finally took a morning and went looking for a car!

I had my mind set on a Volvo s40, searched high and low for the lil guy, including Delaware. So I went to CarMax with the intention of only driving the lil s40 that I found online (2008 -22,000 miles). Little and cute... usually my only criteria. But when Bubs and I hoped in the lil guy we were not sold. The glove compartment hit his knees and he was pretty much over it. I enjoyed the Volvo but wasn't sold. So of course I went to the Toyota dealership.

Camry and Corollas seemed to be in my price range, so we walked the lot looking for more. None were really what I wanted. Until we stumbled across the Prius, which I thought was cute in the front. Bubs was not so impressed. But once we walked a few feet over to the Yaris, with a much cuter back and color, we hopped on in for a test drive. I loved the lil guy, just like Lil Red small and easy to drive. Bubs was also happy cause he had room to sit, not to mention George (car guy) was 6'4 and comfortable in the backseat.

And then before I knew it I was buying a car. I kid you not, I had no idea I had even committed to the car but paper work was being signed and I was shaking hands. Not to mention I started sweating and had to lose a layer!! Once I had a minute to sit I called my cousin and she told me to haggle and not buy the car until I had gotten the best deal possible. Which furthered my apprehension of buying a car so impulsively. But a few "you can do it's" later I was buying my new car. And don't worry Erin, I haggled and got another few thousand off the price! No matter what I am happy and driving my brand new Toyota Yaris! Take a look.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Counter Tops

I loved the 1950's original cabinets in my kitchen but hated the counters and the color. I stuck with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances but HAD to have a new sink and counter tops. Yes, I had to, did I mention the small piece of the counter (not pictured) wasn't even attached!

New counter color, salt and pepper with the new under mount sink.
I thought the next buyer would enjoy my autograph.

Finished porduct!!! I LOVE MY NEW COUNTER TOPS.

More to come of the new fridge and wall color!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

YaY! It snowed today!

For the second time this year! CRAZY!!! Haha Silly South!

On my way to work this morning i had to stop and capture this image! I just love my house.
My view from the front porch. Oh I'm sorry, just throwing in the VT love!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Newest Addition... Autumn

Autumn, Miss Autumn... and i think that's all we call her!

Kim is being modest here. Autumn has obtained many informal and rather strange nicknames. An obvious one and my personal favorite has been Little Brown, i mean what can i say its easy, fun and little cliche, but it gets her tail wagging so again a personal favorite. Kim has gone down a slight different route and has elected to use Padfoot on a regular basis. My only guess is the way she prances around the hardwoods. Either name we choose on any given day Autumn is my dog when she is good and Kim's when she is bad.

She is our sweet mutt from a local Humane Society as well! I love pound pets!
Click to give to the Animals here. Once a day and it helps homeless animals everywhere!

She is quite the cuddlier and snorer!

I think any dog owner in the early stages of parenthood makes a decision on whether or not they are going to lay the hammer down and not allow the pets to invade the humans person bubble. I personally thought i would be the hard A double S on making sure pets are in their bed and i'm in my human bed. BIG NEGATIVE. When Kim says cuddle. She is trying to down play the head to toe stretch session the goes on all night. And she definately doesnt mind the left paw jab to the cheak when she is chasing kitties in doggy dream world.

We think she is a Vizsla. Or mainly one...

The day we got her! P.S. She still loves sleeping here plust the 40 pounds she as obtained

One of our most recent pics of her on Bubba's dads boat!

Miss Nella

I talk about the cat and dog but haven't properly introduced them, so lets begin...

Nella, Nellabean, Nellabella, Miss Priss.... our white fluffy cat from the local Humane Society.

She is super sweet and lovely! Her favorite thing is to nuzzle with her favorite fleece blanket.

Changing The "Nook" to.... be determined

We may have painted the whole house before we even moved in! Woops! The color of choice was steel gray that kinda turned blue! Now the room has tons of nature art and pictures! Any suggestions of what to do with this room?

Autumn tends to sleep through redecorating.

The cat eats the blinds. Ek.

Painting the fireplace!

Going from Black to White. I love how huge the fireplace looks in the room!

Bonus! A pic of the X-mas Tree. Actually I can't find the pic's of the fireplace redo! So this will have to do! By the way I absolutley loved my real 7 foot X-mas Tree from Virginia Beach originally from Boone NC! And yes the tree was up before the furniture!

After, all white!