Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Birthday Bike Slash Beach Cruiser Completed!

This year on my birthday I didn't get a bow or to rip wrapping paper, instead I got the "close your eyes" and "stay put" surprise. And we all know I love surprises! During the gift giving I was called outside, while keeping my eyes closed and humming, for the big unveiling. Finally Bubba said "Happy Birthday, Open your eyes"! And starring back at me was a blue (mind you its dark out) antique bike, with flat tires and rust. Haha! I LOVED IT! All the VB (virginia beach) kids have been raving about these so called "beach cruisers" forever! Now I finally have one of my own, and Bubba can go in public with me!! Apparently my Delaware "bike" wasn't cutting it!
Did I mention this was a birthday project that Bubba and I were going to take on ourselves!
So, we (Bubba) sanded off the blue paint, red paint and silver down to the metal frame. He had already taken off the wheels, petals and chain. Once sanded it was time for the primer and paint! A quick coat of white primer and then (my new obsession) LIME GREEN PAINT!!!

One spoke is original and one is from the 80's, either way they both were painted white!

After a trip to WalMart purchasing two new tires, two petals, one seat, one bell, and a super cute basket, Wallah! My brand new antique Beach Cruiser!!!

In this picture you can see Bubba's blue Cruiser and my unacceptable hot pink mountain bike!
Close up of the basket, it comes with a strap, soooo cool!

Thanks Love! I absolutely love my birthday gift!!!


  1. Cute Kimmy! What a nice thought! And a cool project! All ready for spring!

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