Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh Crap I just bought a CAR

After months of contemplating buying a new car or just sticking with lil red till she dies, I went shopping. Lil Red has been with me since high school, 9 years to be exact and she rocks. She treated me well, only a few cosmetic incidents through the years and 104,765 miles. Yah, it was about time to get a new means of transportation. So I finally took a morning and went looking for a car!

I had my mind set on a Volvo s40, searched high and low for the lil guy, including Delaware. So I went to CarMax with the intention of only driving the lil s40 that I found online (2008 -22,000 miles). Little and cute... usually my only criteria. But when Bubs and I hoped in the lil guy we were not sold. The glove compartment hit his knees and he was pretty much over it. I enjoyed the Volvo but wasn't sold. So of course I went to the Toyota dealership.

Camry and Corollas seemed to be in my price range, so we walked the lot looking for more. None were really what I wanted. Until we stumbled across the Prius, which I thought was cute in the front. Bubs was not so impressed. But once we walked a few feet over to the Yaris, with a much cuter back and color, we hopped on in for a test drive. I loved the lil guy, just like Lil Red small and easy to drive. Bubs was also happy cause he had room to sit, not to mention George (car guy) was 6'4 and comfortable in the backseat.

And then before I knew it I was buying a car. I kid you not, I had no idea I had even committed to the car but paper work was being signed and I was shaking hands. Not to mention I started sweating and had to lose a layer!! Once I had a minute to sit I called my cousin and she told me to haggle and not buy the car until I had gotten the best deal possible. Which furthered my apprehension of buying a car so impulsively. But a few "you can do it's" later I was buying my new car. And don't worry Erin, I haggled and got another few thousand off the price! No matter what I am happy and driving my brand new Toyota Yaris! Take a look.


  1. I belly laughed at your blog. I can picture the whole thing in my head! Yay! I cannot wait to see it for real. Where is lil red now? I am a little sad, but so happy for the upgrade. You are SO responsible! Love you new car owner!

  2. I traded in Lil Red for this guy. A very sad moment for me, but it was worth it! Thanks and so glad you read the blog... ps I want more pics of your house!!

  3. That's really cute! Congrats on your new car!