Monday, February 2, 2009

The Newest Addition... Autumn

Autumn, Miss Autumn... and i think that's all we call her!

Kim is being modest here. Autumn has obtained many informal and rather strange nicknames. An obvious one and my personal favorite has been Little Brown, i mean what can i say its easy, fun and little cliche, but it gets her tail wagging so again a personal favorite. Kim has gone down a slight different route and has elected to use Padfoot on a regular basis. My only guess is the way she prances around the hardwoods. Either name we choose on any given day Autumn is my dog when she is good and Kim's when she is bad.

She is our sweet mutt from a local Humane Society as well! I love pound pets!
Click to give to the Animals here. Once a day and it helps homeless animals everywhere!

She is quite the cuddlier and snorer!

I think any dog owner in the early stages of parenthood makes a decision on whether or not they are going to lay the hammer down and not allow the pets to invade the humans person bubble. I personally thought i would be the hard A double S on making sure pets are in their bed and i'm in my human bed. BIG NEGATIVE. When Kim says cuddle. She is trying to down play the head to toe stretch session the goes on all night. And she definately doesnt mind the left paw jab to the cheak when she is chasing kitties in doggy dream world.

We think she is a Vizsla. Or mainly one...

The day we got her! P.S. She still loves sleeping here plust the 40 pounds she as obtained

One of our most recent pics of her on Bubba's dads boat!

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