Sunday, December 13, 2009

Home Made Wreath

I took a ton of pictures of the process... but they were deleted. Being that my camera is broken I use bubs, and last night there was some drinking, priceless shots and a full memory. So, I just took one of the finished product! Nella is on the rampage to get out so I had to stand outside with the door shut to get this picture. And its raining, and cold... so your only getting this one pic. And yes I am complaining a lot, ok I'll stop. Soooo, drum roll please... the wreath!
I bought a green wire wreath builder thing, and some cute white glittery accessories. Saved the bottom row of branches from our X-mas tree and created a wreath. There was only one size for the wreath wire so I didn't have to use many branches at all. Nor did I use all of the white accessories, but this means I can make a bigger one next year! Yes! (more complaining, I can't turn this picture right side up!!!)

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