Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wine Bottles... Again

Apparently I drink a lot of wine, but I'm back again with another crafty wine bottle project! I will be doing more wine bottles to add a collection on my mantle but for now here are two I finished! I saw these in West Elm, (my favorite store) and decided I could make them for way less. The collection is by David Stark and specific for the store. These could also be made in colors... add a little dye to the twine. Anyway, can you see the bottles sitting on the right side of the mantle? The X-mas tree is super cute too, I'm sure that one is harder to do, but think about the possibilities for objects!!!So, they were made with some twine in two different colors, wine bottles, scissors, and hot glue. The first one I did by myself and the second I had the man toys help, he spun and I held the twine and glue. It was so simple and I love the outcome! The first guy was easy, and with Bubs design help it was complete within 20 minutes. It was his idea to stop before the neck to give it a different look. It's growing on me!
This guy was a bit trickier since the neck had such a steep slope. We had to stop and start from the top so the twine stayed together. And we had to use a ton more hot glue. And of course I burnt my fingers.. ugh!

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