Saturday, January 23, 2010

Air Purifiers

Green plants, they are so pretty and serve a great purpose! They create oxygen and are amazing for your homes inside air, especially in the winter. And since Autumn decided to eat one of our palms in the bedroom, we bought some more.
The two palms have been sitting in the bedroom for over a year now and Autumn decided to eat slash destroy one the other day. Obviously being me I saved the plant and re-potted it. But it has now shrunk in size. We also have had my work plant sitting in the dinning room for the past month for X-mas break watering. Now that, that guy is going back to work we wanted more green for the dining room. Yes, more green!
We found a cool new palm spiky looking guy for $10 bucks so we grabbed him and another palm looking plant on sale for only $2 bucks!! I couldn't resist this guy on sale!! We also bought each of these guys a new brown weaved pot!

This little orchid was also on sale, only $2. I hope I can keep this one alive!!

Being that I am a pack rat, yes everyone mock I was sad to say goodbye to my three live poinsettias. They were trashed due to the fact that X-mas was over and I didn't have the heart to kill them. So in comes Bubba with a half day from work, and they are all gone. But all is good, I have three new plants to take care of!!! Yay!!! Enjoy the green!

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