Sunday, July 26, 2009

Long over due Bedroom changes!

I have never posted pictures of our bedroom, and I have no idea why not. So lets start from when we bought the house and the room was blue!
I wanted a brown accent wall in the house somewhere, so I went for the bedroom since the accent wall was already there. And I am not one for blue especially that dark of a blue. We painted the wall brown, bought new night stands from Target and used the same bedding and curtains we had from Bub's Graduation gift. We also found the dresser at a yard sale for 30 bucks. Gotta love the yard sale finds! The lamps and mirror are capiz a new shell material I became obsessed with!
We also bought two live palms from Lowe's that are living outside now due to the weather. Otherwise they soak up water through old wine bottles in the bedroom!I think Nella sneaks into every one of my pictures! Yes the blinds are uneven, again from Nella. (Depreciater #1)

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