Thursday, June 11, 2009


Finally, a long over due post of pictures of the windows. I have been away for over a week and haven't had a chance to update the site with pics! But here we go! Again my computer has a virus and refuses to let me use the internet so I am working from two different computers. Bare with me! Which means i only have the after pictures right. Which is what you all wanted anyway! I will do another post of before pictures shortly!!!

I saved 4 of the old windows so I could make frames and mirrors out of them. And we may turn two of the windows into a headboard, without the glass. Any ideas of what else to do with them? These guys are over 50 years old and in great shape. I wanted to keep them forever!

The old windows out of the house already! It took them only 2 hours to remove and install all 12 windows. Amazing...really they were awesome!
New windows sitting in their spots in the dinning room. They aren't sealed yet as you can see!
The picture window installed and waiting to be sealed.

Finished product! The picture window sealed and ready to be used! It looks soooo clean! We jsut hung the blinds so the view isn't as good as shown here. I will post some pictures of that as well!


  1. we need windows as well but im still trying to find the funds to get them... these look great!

  2. We used our tax credit rebate from buying the house in 2008. Did you all get that as well?