Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kitchen Rug

I always love the idea of a rug in the kitchen, it just screams coffee on Sunday mornings! I had the idea in my head that it would be a jute beige rug that was as big as the room. But I didn't think that was possible giving the size of the room and the price of rugs! Luckily enough I go to TJMaxx once a week, cause I found one! For under 100 bucks! WHAT! Yes I was so excited. One thing I learned the hard way with jute rugs is that they are natural fibers and stain... from anything! Carpet cleaner doggie feet, chocolate! haha! It's ok though since I wanted the light colored rug! Oh well the pets love it and so do I! And that's all that matters!

Autumn sure loves the rug, I find her here every afternoon. Lounging with her paws crossed!

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