Thursday, August 13, 2009

Garden... Fried Green Maters

SO this time my computer is actually back and working!

My garden has been growing out of control this summer! It just recently started to wind down. The squash, zucchini and cucumbers are about gone but the Maters and peppers are thriving! A few pics of our fruits of labor!

I also started saving some compost under the sink and added some of that juice to the remaining tomato's and peppers!

The fried green maters were wonderful, something I will make again! I can not take credit for the green tomatoes though, and yes, aren't they huge! I staked my best friends tomatoes (cause he had not yet!) and knocked a few off. So I decided not to waste them and try my hand at frying!

Finished Product! Oh so yummy! And I fried them in EVOO so they were slightly healthier.


  1. Yum...Can I drive for dinner one night...It looks THAT good! I am super impressed with your veggies!

  2. I will be at Nebraska and BC yay!!!!!!! Also, I want to come down for my annual fall visit!