Sunday, May 17, 2009

Random living room details.

With the fireplace taking up much of the living room,we had to get a flat screen to sit on the mantle. So the next question was what to do with the cable box and DVD player. I decided a tall bookcase structure next to the mantle would look nice. And I found the perfect piece at West Elm, and on sale. The tall bookcase holds the cable box and my stack of Real Simple Mags. I showed a picture of it earlier with the pictures on the wall, but this picture also shows the white fireplace we painted the first day we moved in.
Oh and yes we were watching American Idol. Go Chris!!!!Here is a close up of the curtains for the living room. That again have been up for months now. But I am just getting to posting pictures. More pics will come of the finished product! Bubs put them up with our new curtain rods. Oh, and we are getting new windows within the next month that are energy efficient!

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