Monday, April 13, 2009

1/2 of the chairs FINISHED

I finally finished the chairs for the dining room! I love the pattern with the green!
Bubs and I started working together by taking the cushions off and measuring the fabric. Which did not go well, apparently we do not work well together, I a bit bossy and him at a loss of words. So after we narrowly cut the fabric and managed to fit all four seats within two yards of cloth we started stapling. And then the stapler broke... so a week later and a new stapler I completed the cushions. Bubs finished the chairs by reattaching the seats and now... we have seats again!Notice the sewing machine sitting and waiting for the next set of chairs! Thank goodness I have left over fabric to practice!!!
I love the two patterns together!! What do you all think?? Any suggestions?


  1. I love your chairs. you are so crafty! Nice new blog skin too.. ive been out of the blogging thing for awhile now but im back! yea Andre is really sweet so I think hes going to be a fun addition. you and bubs will have to come meet him!

  2. The chairs look so awesome! They are perfect with that great wall color and your fun center piece!! Great job!